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Apartment 49 m² - street Sherif Khimshiashvili, Batumi

Price: $ 49 000

ID 6327

Created: 20.04.2023

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About the apartment
Total area, m²: 49.20
Living area, m²: 42.00
Kitchen area, m²: 3.00
Layout: adjacent
Condition: after builders
Furnishings: unfurnished
Bathroom: adjacent
Number of bathrooms: 1
Number of balconies: 1
Natural gas: yes
Heating type: double boiler
Windows type: metal-plastic
Walls type: monolithic
Elevator: 3
Rooms: 2
Floor: 10
Stories: 14
  • City: Batumi
  • Located on the intersection of: street Sherif Khimshiashvili- street Airport highway
  • Distance to the sea: 0 - 200 m
  • to the airport: < 1 km
  • to the old city: > 10 km
  • View: sea view
Sale of an apartment with a free layout on the first line in Batumi, Georgia. Residential complex RUM Batumi. The total area of the apartment is 49.2 square meters on the 10th floor. Sea view apartment. The apartment is being sold in a "black frame" condition, that is, without repair. The house is located near Batumi airport. This area is one of the promising areas of Batumi.
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Useful information about Batumi and Georgia

Embrace the Coastal Charm: Benefits of Living near the Black Sea in Batumi, Georgia

Living near the mesmerizing Black Sea in the vibrant city of Batumi, Georgia, offers a lifestyle filled with numerous advantages. Here are some compelling benefits of residing in this picturesque coastal area:

  1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty: Living near the Black Sea provides daily access to stunning natural beauty. Imagine waking up to breathtaking sunrises over the water and enjoying leisurely strolls along pristine beaches. The scenic views, soothing sound of waves, and refreshing sea breeze create an idyllic environment that promotes relaxation, tranquility, and overall well-being.

  2. Healthy Living: The coastal climate near the Black Sea offers a unique microclimate with mild winters and warm summers. The moderating effect of the sea helps maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the year. This favorable climate, combined with the therapeutic properties of sea air, can have a positive impact on health, promoting respiratory wellness and overall vitality.

  3. Recreational Opportunities: Living near the Black Sea opens up a world of recreational activities. From swimming and sunbathing on sandy beaches to engaging in water sports such as sailing, jet skiing, and paddleboarding, there is an abundance of options for outdoor enthusiasts. The Black Sea also offers excellent fishing opportunities, attracting fishing enthusiasts from around the world.

  4. Cultural and Culinary Delights: Batumi, situated near the Black Sea, boasts a rich cultural heritage influenced by its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. Residents can immerse themselves in a vibrant arts scene, explore historical landmarks, and experience traditional Georgian hospitality. Additionally, the region's cuisine delights the taste buds with its unique flavors, featuring fresh seafood dishes and an array of local delicacies.

  5. Waterfront Promenades and Parks: Batumi's coastline is adorned with beautifully designed waterfront promenades, allowing residents to enjoy leisurely walks or bike rides along the seafront. These promenades often feature landscaped parks, recreational areas, and public amenities, providing spaces for relaxation, socializing, and family outings. Living near the Black Sea means having access to these well-maintained public spaces for exercise, picnics, and outdoor gatherings.

  6. Maritime Activities and Events: The Black Sea is a hub of maritime activities, offering opportunities to witness or participate in exciting events such as sailing regattas, boat races, and water festivals. The city of Batumi frequently hosts events and festivities that celebrate its coastal identity, providing residents with a lively and dynamic social calendar.

  7. Coastal Living Lifestyle: Living near the Black Sea fosters a unique coastal living lifestyle. Residents can enjoy a slower pace of life, characterized by a sense of serenity and a strong connection to nature. The proximity to the sea encourages a more relaxed and outdoor-oriented way of life, promoting a healthy work-life balance and enhancing overall well-being.

Living near the Black Sea in Batumi allows you to embrace the coastal charm, offering a plethora of benefits for individuals seeking a harmonious blend of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, cultural richness, and a fulfilling coastal lifestyle. It's an invitation to experience a truly unique and rewarding way of life by the sparkling shores of the Black Sea.

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