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ТОП 6 новостроек в Батуми

6 reasons to buy an apartment in Batumi


Convenient location

The majority of real estate owners in Batumi are citizens of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s very easy to get to the resorts from those countries. Having purchased an apartment in one of the new developments in Batumi, you will be able to spend vacations in your own apartment on the Black Sea coast or rent it out. After all, the tourist season in Batumi lasts all year round! On average, such an investment pays off within 5-6 years.


Mild climate

Batumi attracts tourists with the sea and its mountain climate. The air here has healing power that's why a vacation in Georgia promotes good health. Children and adults will benefit from spending their summer holidays on the Black sea coast in the capital of Adjara. Residents of big industrial cities will be pleasantly surprised by how clean the water is here. There is also a wide variety of organic fruit and vegetables in Georgia. Do you want to destress and restore your health? Go to Batumi!



Georgia has implemented a visa-free regime for more than 90 countries. Among them are the following: Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, and all countries of the European Union. In addition, all foreign investors have a right to get a residence permit for an indefinite period of time. If you have lived in the country for five years, you can apply for the citizenship. Thus, buying an apartment in Batumi is an excellent opportunity to move to Georgia permanently.


Developed infrastructure

Life in Batumi is never dull. There are a lot of narrow stone-paved streets with beautiful, small Italian courtyards in the Old City. The modern part of Batumi is pretty dynamic, and it has a developed infrastructure. However, it still has everything necessary for a comfortable and pleasant living: modern supermarkets, restaurants with delicious local cuisine, fashion boutiques, huge shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, and other entertainment facilities. Be sure, you will never be bored here.


Low prices on real estate

It is a well-know fact that it is much cheaper to buy an apartment while it’s still being constructed, but there are many investors who are afraid of investing money in a real estate before the whole development is completed. Are you afraid of losing your money? - Fear not! In Georgia, construction is financed solely by a developer, so you don’t risk anything. What is more, you can resell the completed apartment at a much higher price a get a huge profit out of this. Sounds compelling, doesn’t it?


Minimum of formalities

Purchasing a property in Georgia is not taxed. Preparing documents and signing a purchase-sale deal takes no more than a couple of days. Especially if you entrust it to a professional. What is more, all these formalities can be done remotely. Therefore, there is no need to fly to Batumi to make a deal. Local developers finance all projects themselves, which means that a buyer doesn’t risk anything - the building will be completed and ready for occupancy on schedule.

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