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Invest in Batumi Real Estate

Stable annual income of 10% and more

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Stable annual income
of 10% and more
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Full payback
in 5-6 years
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A deal is closed in as little
as one day
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High rental
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Minimum maintenance
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Obtaining a residence permit
in Georgia
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Batumi is your new direction for
profitable investments

With its unprecedented, blistering pace of economic growth, Georgia now provides the favorable business and living climate. This environment attracts foreign investors who are interested in making the most out of their money.
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Batumi is a resort city that has a well-developed infrastructure. That is why the capital of Adjara is now experiencing the boom of the real estate market. These days, new buildings are erected in central areas of the city as well as by the Black Sea. It is an ever-increasing flow of tourists and entrepreneurs who are willing to set up their businesses in Georgia that generates high demand for properties there.
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The housing market in Batumi is on the massive rise. And now is the best time to buy an apartment in the city. Every year, the number of tourist arrivals increases, marking for a dramatic rise in real estate price. To make things clear, now the average cost of a property starts from $400 per sq.m. However, it is projected to grow by at least 35% in the next year, making the price start from $540 per sq.m.

What mass media say about the attractiveness of
Batumi for tourists and investors

Benefits of owning
a property in Batumi

The rental demand in Batumi is now as high as it has never been. It’s easy to forecast profits that you will get by renting out your coastal property or the one in the city center. The experience of homeowners attests to the fact that the full payback period is only 5-6 years.
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Buying under-construction
real estate

Tips from experienced investors

It is much cheaper to buy an apartment in an under-construction complex that is expected to be commissioned in the course of a year than purchasing a move-in-ready property. Buying under-construction homes is a no-risk investment strategy since real estate developers in Batumi put their own money in projects, and thus are interested in the on-time delivery.
It is profitable to rent out property in Batumi all year round. People come here to spend their vacation time on beautiful beaches and enjoy the stunning views of the mountains in spring, summer, and fall. In winter, the capital of Adjara remains the popular destination for fans of casino gambling.
The price of real estate in Batumi is rapidly going up. In a year, you won’t be able to find an apartment by the sea at a price of $420 per sq.m. Thus, if you invest something like $20 000 - $25 000 in real estate now and sell it in 2-3 years, you will be able to get paid back and make 70-100% of the original property cost in profits.
If you own coastal property, you can rent it out and benefit from a monthly passive income. For this, no considerable efforts are required on your part. That means you can get your apartment rented out while being abroad and regularly receive rental payments from tenants using your bank account. What is more, you can easily obtain a residence permit in Georgia as an investor.
That’s an excellent opportunity to set up or expand your own business in Georgia. Even if you have never dealt with real estate before, investing in property will lay the groundwork for your business development in this country.

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