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Apartment 71 m² - street Mezgvaurta, Chakvi

Price: $ 68 400

ID 1239

Created: 05.02.2019

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About the apartment
Total area, m²: 71.17
Layout: separate
Condition: after builders
Furnishings: unfurnished
Bathroom: adjacent
Number of bathrooms: 1
Number of balconies: 1
Windows type: metal-plastic
Walls type: monolithic
Elevator: 3
Rooms: 2
Floor: 6
Stories: 21
  • City: Chakvi
  • Located on the intersection of: street Mezgvaurta- street Mezgvaurta
  • View: sea view
  • to the old city: > 10 km
  • to the airport: > 10 km
  • Distance to the sea: 0 - 200 m
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Useful information about Batumi and Georgia

Interesting facts about Batumi

Batumi A resort town in Georgia with a rich history. Today it is rapidly developing as an industrial and tourist center.

A humid subtropical climate makes the summer in Batumi hot and the winter warm. The holiday season begins in early May and ends in October. The beaches in the city are equipped with all amenities and are the main attraction for tourists.

A bit of history

The city is more than 2000 years old, at the time of its foundation, it belonged to Colchis and was named Batus. Numerous raids by Turks and other neighbors haunted local residents until the end of the 19th century, when Adjara became part of Georgia. You can learn more about the history of the city by visiting the Museum of Local Lore.

What to watch

Curious travelers will not be bored in Batumi. The city is famous for its many historical and cultural attractions. First of all it is worth visiting:

1. The Botanical Garden.

2. Dolphinarium.

3. Seaside park with dancing fountains.

4. The famous colonnade, which became the hallmark of the city.

5. Waterfall Mahunzetti.

6. The fortress of Bonio Apsaros.

There are many religious monuments in Batumi. The most famous of them are the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of St. Christ the Savior.

Interesting Facts

In 2012, the American Academy of Hospitality recognized Batumi the best new resort in the world.
According to legend, Jason and the Argonauts were the ones who stole the golden fleece from the father of Medea, king of Colchis. The statue of the princess with a rune in her hands is set in Europe Square.
The city is considered the height of indecency to drink alcohol, kiss and litter in public. For this, fines are provided.

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