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Apartment 85 m² - street Mezgvaurta, Chakvi

Price: $ 80 400

ID 1229

Created: 05.02.2019

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About the apartment
Total area, m²: 84.54
Layout: separate
Condition: after builders
Furnishings: unfurnished
Bathroom: adjacent
Number of bathrooms: 1
Number of balconies: 1
Windows type: metal-plastic
Walls type: monolithic
Elevator: 2
Rooms: 3
Floor: 7
Stories: 11
  • City: Chakvi
  • Located on the intersection of: street Mezgvaurta- street Mezgvaurta
  • to the airport: > 10 km
  • Distance to the sea: 0 - 200 m
  • View: sea view
  • to the old city: > 10 km
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Useful information about Batumi and Georgia

Interesting places Batumi

Batumi has many interesting cultural sites and modern buildings. We have compiled for you a rating of the most popular attractions of the capital of Adjara, you can independently choose the most interesting objects and go to study them.

Astronomical clock

In the central part of the city is the Golden Tower of the National Bank of Georgia, its main dominant feature is the Astronomical Clock. The design of the mechanism is made in gold, they show the time, location of the planets, the sun and the moon, as well as zodiac stars. The new hour of the day is notified by a melody, each time a different musical composition sounds.

Seaside Boulevard

One of the popular places for evening promenade is the boulevard. During the walk you can enjoy views of the port, as well as view a vivid representation of the dancing fountains. Nearby there are rental bicycles, scooters, and separate bike paths are installed. Along the street there are cozy cafes, restaurants where you can taste national dishes and wine, in the evenings there is live music.

Ferris wheel and tower & laquo; Alphabet & raquo;

Decoration of the embankment and the main attraction of the city is the Ferris wheel & laquo; Alphabet & raquo ;, 130 meters high. At the highest point there is a revolving restaurant and an observation deck. At the restaurant you can enjoy dishes of European and Georgian cuisine with panoramic views of the city.

Marine Station

Marina and the marine station are the center of extreme sports, here you can rent a boat, scooter, yacht and go on an exciting walk. If desired, you can order seaplane, parachute flights and enjoy bird's-eye views of the city.


In the historical part of the city is a piece of Italy Piazza It was founded in 2010 and has already become one of the favorite vacation spots of residents and guests. Everything is decorated in Italian style, you can feel the spirit and color of the sunny country. On an area of about 6 & nbsp; 000 square meters there are shops, cafes, restaurants. Each object is decorated in Italian style with mosaic elements, stucco moldings, and murals.

Argo cableway

One of the interesting places to visit is the Argo cable car. The length of the path is 2 & nbsp; 600 meters. During the trip, you will have an amazing view of the countryside. At the top there is an Orthodox church, a restaurant, an entertainment center, as well as a panoramic observation deck.

The old fortress of Gonio

Relaxing in Batumi, take a few hours and go on an excursion to the Gonio fortress. An ancient architectural structure is located 15 kilometers from the city. According to archaeological data, this place was created around the XV-XVII centuries BC. The main value is the tomb of the Apostle Matthew.

Horta Jami Mosque

The only Muslim temple in the city, created in 1886. The architectural highlight of the complex is the tower, built in the Islamic style. The interior of the mosque is striking in its eastern sophistication.

Seaside Park Batumi

After a busy day of sightseeing, you can go on vacation to the Seaside Park. There are sports grounds, cozy alleys, recreation areas, cafes, restaurants and other public places of rest. There is a separate play area for younger visitors. In the evenings the musical fountain is turned on and a water-light show is held to the motives of classical music.

Europe Square

The dominant central part of the Old Town is Europe Square. It got its name after Adjara joined the Assembly of European countries. On its territory is a statue of Medea, which was installed in 2007, as a symbol of wealth and power. It often hosts concerts, performances by creative groups, as well as celebrations of public holidays.

Batumi sunny city, with its special flavor and spirit, each place will allow you to get to know the city closer, its history and culture.

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