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Apartment 45 m² - street Lech and Maria Kaczynski, Batumi

Price: $ 79 100

ID 1190

Created: 01.02.2019

About the apartment
Total area, m²: 44.89
Layout: open plan
Condition: after builders
Furnishings: unfurnished
Bathroom: not specified
Number of bathrooms: 1
Number of balconies: 1
Natural gas: not specified
Heating type: not specified
Windows type: not specified
Walls type: monolithic
Elevator: yes
Rooms: 2
Floor: 4
Stories: 13
  • City: Batumi
  • Located on the intersection of: street Lech and Maria Kaczynski- street Airport highway
  • to the old city: 7 km
  • to the airport: 2 km
  • Distance to the sea: 0 - 200 m
  • View: sea view
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Useful information about Batumi and Georgia

Georgian elegy

Panduri is a Georgian musical instrument. Its name can be found in ancient letters dating back to the tenth century. The instrument is considered one of the most famous throughout Georgia, but traditionally it belongs to the eastern regions of the country. Panduri is quite popular in Kakheti and Tusheti; songs accompanied by it are also found in Khevsureti and Kartli.

Panduri belongs to the three-stringed plucked instruments resembling a lute. Use panduri as a solo and accompaniment. The instrument is popular mainly with men, although you can often find young girls singing with the accompaniment of panduri.

Pandoori make different shapes and sizes. Depending on the area where the tool is made, the body may be pear-shaped, spade-shaped, etc. Initially, Panduri existed in two species, on which it had either three or seven divisions. But in the last century, the greatest art critic of Georgian music, Kiril Vashakidze, perfected the panduri. He researched an old instrument and decided to add sound increase and decrease of sounds by half tones, i.e. provided the panduri with sharps and flats.

Thus was born the classic Panduri prima and tenor, which has twelve divisions. Due to this circumstance, Georgian folk musicians got the opportunity to perform classical musical masterpieces on the prima and tenor. With the updated panduri, the folk orchestra sounded differently.

Panduri conceals the spirit of tradition and serves as an attribute of ancient rites, being a symbol of joy and fun. The instrument can accompany a variety of songs and Georgian dances. Sometimes on panduri melodic tunes of a dance character are performed. Accompanying folk songs and poetic poems dedicated to heroes, the Georgian instrument reveals to the listeners the true spirit of local residents and the immense breadth of their souls.

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