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Apartment 44 m² - street Lech and Maria Kaczynski, Batumi

Price: $ 67 600

ID 1188

Created: 01.02.2019

About the apartment
Total area, m²: 43.86
Layout: open plan
Condition: after builders
Furnishings: unfurnished
Bathroom: not specified
Number of bathrooms: 1
Number of balconies: 1
Natural gas: not specified
Heating type: not specified
Windows type: not specified
Walls type: monolithic
Elevator: yes
Rooms: 2
Floor: 4
Stories: 13
  • City: Batumi
  • Located on the intersection of: street Lech and Maria Kaczynski- street Airport highway
  • View: sea view
  • to the old city: 7 km
  • to the airport: 2 km
  • Distance to the sea: 0 - 200 m
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Useful information about Batumi and Georgia

Batumi is an extraordinary city in Georgia

The capital of Adjara and the main resort on the Black Sea. Delicious Georgian food, warm sea, endless fun, historical places. Everything in Batumi is in order to go here at least once.


Central beach

He is in the center of the city. This place is always crowded. There is everything you need for relaxation. For children there are various attractions, trampolines, slides and more. You can eat or buy drinks in various cafes and shops. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a rental point for various equipment. There are sports fields.

Wild beach

This place is located near the airport. Suitable for those who want to retire. There are almost no tourists here.


It is a sandy beach. It is glorified by black magnetic sands. They treat the lungs, heart, nerves and increase immunity. You need to dig into it. In August, the sand heats up to 50 degrees. At these moments, without shoes it is better not to walk on it. There is a lot of entertainment. Walks on the ship, scooter, slides, there is a banana and much more entertaining.


Breathe in mountain and sea air, explore the underwater world, have fun or just sit in a cafe. All this is possible on this beach. He is pebble. This place is located fifteen kilometers from Batumi, in the village of Kvariati. There is a diving center, which is one in Georgia.


This beach is best for walking along the coast. Here is a large pebble. There are no amenities. For those who want to be alone, this place is perfect.


Sculpture Ali and Nino

It is installed on the waterfront of the city. It is considered a symbol of love. The artist and architect Tamara Kvesitadze created this masterpiece.


If you want to feel yourself in Italy, you should visit this place. There are many restaurants with verandas where you can sit, eat, drink your favorite drink, watch the performances of street performers. All this is possible here. This is one of the favorite places visited by tourists.

Botanical Garden

This is a place for lovers of nature and quiet relaxation. In summer, you must definitely visit here. Breathe in the mountain air, which is mixed with the scents of flowers and the sea. This park has recreation areas for every taste. You can sunbathe on the beach, visit various attractions. And just relax in a cafe or restaurant.


Here both children and adults will like it. Dolphins play with balls, jump through rings, ride trainers and dance. Here you can swim with dolphins. Make beautiful photos or videos. The performance takes place twice a day, at four in the afternoon and eight in the evening. It is better to buy tickets in advance, as they are taken apart very quickly.

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Batumi Boulevard

It stretches along the sea for seven kilometers. On a walk around this place, along the way there will be sculptures, interesting sunbeds, fountains and benches. Near the boulevard there is a park with an alley where magnolias bloom. In the length of the street there are various attractions, a water park and playgrounds.

Georgian alphabet tower

From this place you can see all the beauty of the city. The height of the tower is 130 meters. It is depicted in the form of DNA, the Georgian alphabet is written on interwoven threads. There is also a restaurant that spins on its axis. Sitting in a restaurant, you can explore Batumi from different angles. Buy souvenirs in the store located in the building.

Singing Fountains

There are two of them. One is located on Lake Ardagan. Another on Batumi Boulevard. Colorful jets dancing to classical, rock and pop music. At some time, the fountain turns into a common canvas of water, and various paintings are depicted on it. Here it will appeal to adults, and especially children who love to run between fountains.

Europe Square

Located in the center of the city. Famous musicians and singers perform in this square. One cannot but notice here a statue of Medea, 130 meters high. She holds a golden fleece. Here is another interesting attraction. This is an astronomical clock. They not only show the usual time, but also the time of sunset and the location of the sun and moon.
This is just part of the attractions that can be seen in Batumi.

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Where to shop


Despite the fact that in the city at every step you can buy everything you need, Boni's grocery market is still worth a visit. Here you can try many types of homemade cheese, churchkhela, dried fruits, various Georgian sauces and a lot of yummy. Buy fresh fruits, herbs, local honey, jam, nuts. And all this abundance is very cheap here.

Fish market

This is a small, old four-row market. There is a large selection of fresh fish. Horse mackerel, trout, mullet, salmon and many other varieties. Mussels and crayfish are sold here. It is better to take a closer look at them and sniff, or they come across a smell, it’s better not to take them. Fish prices are cheap. Here, in place they can clean it. There is a cafe on the market where they can immediately cook the purchased fish.

There is a huge Goodwill supermarket in the old town. Here you can buy fresh meat, barbecue in a delicious marinade, various sausages, cheeses, dairy products. Taste wine products.

Batumi Plaza

Here you can buy clothes, shoes, equipment. There is a mobile phone store. Here you can buy jewelry. There is a casino, a swimming pool, a fitness center.
There are a lot of shops in Batumi with groceries, clothes, shoes and other goods. With a different price category.

This city impresses with its hospitality, all kinds of architecture, delicious food, entertainment and much more. Therefore, having been here, I want to come here again!

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